Dog safety presentationDelta Dog Safe Tasmania is a committee of Delta Society Australia Ltd.

Delta Society Australia’s mission is to promote and facilitate positive interaction between people and animals.

Delta Society offers four programs –

  1. Delta Therapy Dogs
  2. Canine Good Citizen Course for Dog Trainers
  3. Delta Classroom Canines
  4. Delta Dog Safe

Dogs and cats in schools or facilities

Delta does not support the use of live in and or staff dogs or cats in schools or facilities.

Delta Society Australia believes the welfare of the animal should be the first consideration and this cannot be optimum in such a program. Dogs can become tired and need time to sleep and/or unwind after visiting so having them remain at the school or facility for the whole day would not constitute good welfare. This would be exacerbated if they were not in the care of their owner/handler at all times.

If the aim is to teach appropriate behaviour around animals we recommend the use of the Delta Dog Safe™ program where a toy dog is used. If the aim is to achieve the calming effect of a dog in the classroom we recommend visits by suitably accredited dogs from our Delta Therapy Dogs and Delta Classroom Canines™ programs with an initial Delta Dog Safe™ presentation so all the children in the class will demonstrate appropriate behaviour when a “real” dog visits.

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