Dog safety presentationIf you have experience in working with young children and you enjoy the companionship of dogs, volunteering as a Delta Dog Safe™ Presenter is likely to be a rewarding role for you.

Applications are currently open

  • To apply, please email a brief cover letter detailing relevant experience and skills to:
  • Teaching experience will be highly regarded.

The success of the program relies on a dedicated team of volunteers, who are trained and accredited by Delta Society Australia.

Steps to Becoming a Volunteer with Delta Dog Safe™:

  • Attend a training seminar
  • Become familiar with the Delta Dog Safe Presenter Manual
  • Attend school presentations as an observer, alongside experienced presenters
  • Be granted a Working with Vulnerable Persons Card
  • Deliver school presentations solo or as part of paired team
  • Commit to a minimum of one presentation per month

You will be giving these vital dog safety messages to children:

  • how to recognise whether a dog is friendly, scared or angry
  • how to behave if confronted by an unknown, unleashed dog
  • when not to approach a dog
  • how to pat a dog safely

delta dalmation model delta modelsThe program uses ‘model’ dogs in classroom presentations, (not live dogs) because:

  • The model dog does not provoke anxiety in children who have a fear of dogs
  • The model dog can be consistently manipulated to provide appropriate responses to the children’s behaviour during role play
  • The model dog has appeal and novelty value to encourage children’s interest
  • The model dog does not cause the distractions that a live animal may do
  • The model dog can be used extensively and for long periods. A live dog in this situation would be unduly stressed

To find out more about volunteering with Delta Dog Safe™, contact the program coordinator.