Dog Safety with Delta and Friends

Here is a short upbeat video for young children about staying safe around dogs.

Delta and Friends – an audio story for young children about staying safe around dogs.

NB. Click the slideshow to play, pause and to control the audio.

Thanks very much for educating our children about dog behaviour. My daughter used to be very timid and uncertain around dogs. When she was in Prep, you visited with Dog Safe and she really took it all in. We could really see her using the behaviours when approached by family friends’ dogs. She used to be very afraid but we now have our own dog, (a border collie crossed with a kelpie) and they are firm friends. Thanks so much again.
Parent, NW Tasmania
This is such a valuable program, the children learnt so much about dog behaviour and were very engaged and positive.
Teacher, Devonport
My children have both been raised with the Delta Dog Safe knowledge. A huge dog ran at my girls (5 and 7 yrs) and they stood still, arms tucked in and the dog raced right passed them and jumped on my husband. I was so proud of them for remembering and staying still with a huge dog bounding at them.
Parent, Hobart
The children remembered a lot from last year which was wonderful. This was an indication to me the program has had a real impact on the children.
Teacher, Devonport
The whole session was very valuable, particularly the importance of asking permission before approaching someone’s dog and understanding dogs’ body language. The pictures and role play opportunities are very appropriate for this age group.
Teacher, Spreyton