Delta Dog Safe™

Dog safety presentationDelta Dog Safe™ is a targeted community education program providing practical ways young children and their families can reduce the incidence of dog bite. The program is delivered to children aged between four and eight years in schools and child care centres across Tasmania. Children are provided with simple messages about dog behaviour and how to stay safe around dogs.

Trained Delta Dog Safe Volunteers deliver 45 minute presentations at no cost to schools or child care centres. Children receive a take-home brochure and teachers are provided with a complimentary resource kit. Using visuals, role play and a life-size toy dog, the presentation equips children with skills to interact with dogs safely at home and in the wider community. Children are shown:

  • How to recognise whether a dog is feeling scared, angry, or happy
  • When not to approach a dog
  • How to pat a dog safely
  • How to behave when confronted with an unknown or aggressive dog

Strengthening the bond between children and their family pet dog brings well documented benefits to children’s health and wellbeing. When all family members understand the basics of dog behaviour and how to interpret dog body language, everyone benefits.

Delta Dog Safe™ was developed by Delta Society Australia, a not-for-profit organisation located in Sydney, NSW.

Delta Dog Safe™ has been delivered to over 80,000 young Tasmanian children since launching in 2003.

Our Funding

Delta Dog Safe in Tasmania is supported by the Tasmanian Government through the Department of Health and Human Services.

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