Kempton Primary School
Grade 3-6

Just About Dogs by Aiden

In our class, each student has at least 1 dog. The total number of dogs in our class is 29. I think dogs are good pets because they are protective and fun to play with. Also, they are very loyal.

About My Dogs by Aiden

I have a Maltese Shih Tzu, a German Shorthaired Pointer and a Hound dog. The Maltese Shih Tzu is black and white. He is the oldest dog we have and the smallest. He is very supportive and cuddly. The German Shorthaired Pointer is dark brown, He has a beard and is very playful. He runs around a lot. Sometimes he is cuddly but has trust issues and bites and growls a lot. The Hound is white with big brown spots and tiny black spots. She is cuddly and caring. She is a very good dog and super playful.

My dogs are very different because they are all different colours. Their names are Ellie (Hound dog), Sarge (German Shorthaired Pointer) and Max (Shih Tzu). My favourite dog is probably Sarge because he is playful and caring.

Dogs by Mya

My dog is an American Staffy Bull Dog cross. He is very big and playful. He loves to chase his toys and depending on who it is, he loves new people. He is very good at jumping and can clear a jump of about 1.45m

He loves to chase our sheep and run around the yard. He has broken a lot of things like when he saw my cat and ran into the deck door and broke it. I consider my dog to be awesome and a great friend. I would recommend a dog as a pet for everyone.

Dogs by Leo

Everyone in the class has a dog, 29 dogs altogether. We have a variety of dogs altogether in the class. Dogs like to run and are very loyal. Dogs like to chew on slippers and eat everything. Dogs are fluffy and protective. Dogs are playful. I have got a Beagle and a West Springer Spaniel. My dogs are playful and they lick me all the time. They like to jump on me. My dogs love food and tennis balls. My dogs like being patted and they like toys. I enjoy being with them.

Dogs by Ronni

Everyone has dogs and everyone has different kinds of dogs. Everyone has different ways to train their dogs. Dogs like chewing shoes and toys and they like playing. Some dogs like biting and some dogs like pats. My dog likes running, playing and pats. He sleeps a lot. He does not like getting patted under the chin and he does not like people running around because he gets scared. He does not like people getting in his face or people yelling.

Dogs by Mia

I’ve learnt that most dogs like company and chewing shoes, slippers and anything they can find. Dogs are probably the cutest thing that can exist. They’re fluffy, cute looking, playful and they are family to people. It’s sad that some dogs get treated like they don’t exist.

I have two dogs. They are Jack Russell / Shih Tzu crosses and are 2 years old. My dogs love dog chews and meat. One of my dog’s name is Bella and the other one is Stella. They sleep in my bedroom and then my Dad takes them outside when he wakes up for work, so I get more sleep. They get very excited when I get home from school. When its summertime we take them with us to the beach. Sometimes they get car sick, so they have sticky slobber down their mouth. Then we must clean them when we get to the beach. They’re good company and they’re my daughters from another mother.

Fifi’s Dog Report

Everyone in the class has at least one dog. The total number of dogs owned by our class is 29. When people in our class were describing their dogs, they used words like fluffy, trusting and training but I thought of playful, active and protective. My dog is very helpful and protective, so I love him. He loves me too and I’m glad.

Dogs by Angel

  1. Dogs are very cuddly
  2. Dogs are much loved
  3. Dogs are very nice
  4. Dogs can be mean
  5. Dogs are very cosy
  6. Dogs are very fat
  7. Dogs like to sleep.
  8. Dogs like to go to the beach
  9. Dogs like to get attention

Dog Safety by Kiara

Stray dogs can be dangerous. Make sure it is your friend’s dog, not a stray dog. Dogs can help you and cuddle you. They like to jump and some like to bite. If you see a stray dog,  (an adult) can check the collar. It will show the address, phone number and the dog’s name. Dogs are very supportive.

Dogs (name not supplied)

My dog is an American staffy cross pitbull. His name is Jager and he likes to play wit his best friend Fluff Nut. They always play together and run around really fast in the backyard. We have a Jack Russell cross shih-tzu named Brutus, but we call him Fluff Nut because he is so fluffy. He is also very gentle. He’s a rescue dog that we rescued from his old owner that didn’t feed him or let him inside. We had another American staffy that lived until she was 28 years old. Her name was Maggie.